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Heads of department encourage final year residents to take EDiR

EDiR is the European examination offered by EBR -European Board of Radiology and open to radiologists and radiology residents in their fifth year of training in compliance with the requirements. EDiR has been fully endorsed by the Section of Radiology and has received the appraisal from UEMS CESMA in 2015.


EDiR reflects the content of the European Training Curriculum (ETC), which covers every aspect of radiology practice. As such, it is an accurate test of general knowledge of the specialty. An ever-increasing number of heads of department (HoD) are encouraging their final year residents to take the examination. Taking the EDiR is therefore an excellent opportunity for radiologists to test their excellence and compare themselves to their colleagues overseas. Designed to facilitate professional mobility across different countries, the diploma is an asset for radiologists both in and outside Europe.


Diploma holders will have an advantage if they are looking for a job. It's a test of character. It proves that this person wants to compare him or herself to international competition. As Prof. Paul Parizel highlighted: "It proves that this person wants to compare him or herself to international competition.It shows that this person has that kind of energy, it's more than just an extra line on their CV".


The Diploma is becoming more and better known and overall 2,000 candidates have applied since 2011 (78% have passed), highlighting the solidity of the exam. An increasing number of institutions and heads of department are now encouraging their residents to take the diploma.


In conclusion, EDiR works as a reference for traines to understand the areas of weakness they should reinforce when preparing for their national board exam and it can serve as a reference for training centres, especially in countries without an examination at the end of training,






Last updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2018